Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
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Celebrating Smallholding UK

14 hours ago

Steve Smallcombe

The two Leverets are feeding well, and started nibbling at solid food, which as got to be a good sign. ... See moreSee less

The two Leverets are feeding well, and started nibbling at solid food, which as got to be a good sign.


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excellent news x

Brilliant job Steve

Well done Steve. I'd never seen a leveret before only fully grown hares

They look like little beauties

Well done Steve and Jess. (The prettiest sheepdog in Devon) saving lives daily xxx

I’ve always thought these are one of nature’s most beautiful creations

Well done Steve and Jess, they are absolutely stunning. You really have an amazing gift with animals 😍

Reminds me of a book I read

Well done! They look great!

Congratulations to surrogate Mum and Dad ..... They’re gorgeous little creatures

Very well done! If they haven't gone into shock by now it looks like they'll survive!

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2 hours ago

Sue C Hewitt

Farm gate sales, do you have any photos or your stand, box etc :-) ... See moreSee less


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Nothing flash but it works

1 day ago

Sue Bucknell

Vet suggested greenery for my goats with who I am having skin issues with particularly with two of them. Normally would dive off and raid a hedge row but not at the moment. They have free access to large field and hedgerows but as this winter has gone on for ever and ever it's beginning to catch up with one or two of them as they refuse to go out in my paddy field, can't blame them. So any suggestion as to what good to get for them please TIA ... See moreSee less

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I buy nets of carrots for mine (not greenery I know). Can you get cast of veg from a nearby veg wholesaler, mine used to love the brassicas from our polytunnel.. OR what about a supplement Denis Brinicombe Group will have something to help improve skin I am sure - I use a goat balance from them that has really helped improve the coat quality on one of mine...

I’m guessing you’ve ruled out mites or lice as a possibility for the dodgy skin? We raid hedgerows for Ivy which is still abundant, we try to dry nettles out for winter use if we have space, but obviously that’s one for next winter. As long as they have a good quality hay and feed they shouldn’t really suffer too much with skin problems 😩

Depending on what you feed, you can try an 18% protein calf nuts, which they seem to thrive on x

When I adopted my Pygmys from a rescue centre one of them had terrible dry skin with bald pink patches. The vet there said he’d have it for life. One day I decided to give him a massage with coconut oil (the hard stuff in a jar). That was over a year ago and the condition has never come back. Maybe it was just luck but it worked for him x

One of our goats had very flaky skin but since we started feeding Caprivate with their hard feed, it’s completely gone!

Go to your local market and see veg seller they trim up their veg for displa6 so ask him to keep the trimmings as they only do veg there's no chance of contamination from other food stuffs. Cabbage caulk and broccoli trims are good in moderation.

Seaweed is good, also linseed added to feed.

I give mine carrots also

All everyone else has said but I get grass chaff which my horses have,, it’s called graze on or grass tastic or something weird, no extra copper so good for my sheep too. Also Hi Fi is ok for sheep.. I phoned Dengie. It’s just we’ve had 5 months of winter SO FAR so keeping the variety going is hard. Most of our hedges are see-through now!!

feeding my boy on ivy and mollichop with his mix

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