Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Recent Additions: (last updated 22nd October 2019)

NEW: Celebrating Livestock, starting with SHEEP
The start of a series where we celebrate the animals that make up our smallholdings and explain why we keep them, the jobs they do and why our smallholdings are better because of them. Post on the Facebook group and then see your story published on the website
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the results of our 2020
Celebrating Smallholding UK Calendar Competition
Keep an eye out for more details here or on the Facebook group
Cider making
by Lorraine Turnbull
A Guide to Tupping
by Lesley Perrett
Christmas Spiced Blackberry Vinegar
by Muddipuddle Farm
How to Pressure Can Carrots
by Shell Donaldson
Worms in sheep, goats + alpacas
by Emily Boreham
What To Sow In October
by Liz Zorab

Celebrating Smallholding UK was launched on 8th September 2019 as a platform to showcase, celebrate and promote smallholding and smallholders from all over the UK!

It is packed full of articles, photos, videos, features and links to support and inspire all smallholders: new, aspiring and existing!

BUT, this is just the start: join the CSUK Facebook group and tell us what you think and what you would like to see more of... the group is also a place to ask questions and share success and good practice.

CSUK content is written by smallholders from the length and breadth of the country - if you have any articles, videos or photos you think would be useful on the site, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email

Celebrating Smallholding UK Celebrating Smallholding UK Celebrating Smallholding UK

To find out more about the Celebrating Smallholding UK web site and facebook group please contact Jack Smellie: and/or visit the Celebrating Smallholding UK facebook page

Celebrating Smallholding UK

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