Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Being a smallholder: Farm/ Smallholding Sitting

Getting away from your smallholding can be hard, both emotionally and physically. Some smallholders don't feel the need to go away, some do, but sadly, there may be times when getting away is a necessity due to a family emergency or similar.
Finding someone you can trust to look after all your precious animals can be tricky BUT we are delighted to provide details of 'smallholding sitters' below, many of whom have been used/recomended by at least ONE other CSUK member (but please see the small print below).
As with most of what CSUK promotes, this page is all about CSUK members supporting and helping other CSUK members.

Celebrating Smallholding UK takes no resposibility for any agreements that occur via links made on this page BUT we welcome all feedback.
It is important to check insurance, confirm monies and agree terms and conditions with anyone you ask to smallholder-sit for you!
Farm and pet sitting service. Happy to look after your pets or farm when you are away. Or help at those busy times on the farm. I am 29 years old and have a passion for animals. I have been looking after animals all my life
Location: Countrywide.
Honest, reliable and professional Pet, House, Farm sitting and Small Animal boarding services provided. Fully insured and over 9 years of experience.
Location: 45 mile radius (roughly) from NP44
(South East Wales)
Registered Veterinary Nurse, Qualified Companion Animal Behaviourist and Qualified Lecturer
Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Small Animals, Horses, Cats, Livestock etc!
Location: Yorkshire
All types of pets or farm animals professionally looked after while you are away. Fleece,Fur & Feather offer personal, professional care for your dogs, cats, small animals, chickens, sheep and goats. Dog walking, Pop-ins and Small Holding.
Location: North Somerset
I have experience with horses, dogs, goats and some sheep and chickens. I house sit for people I know and look after their animals. I would be happy to extend this to others in my locality! I used to work for the police (civilian role).
Location: Mid Suffolk
I'm now inbetween smallholdings (selling one, still looking for the next) and I am now taking on farm sitting jobs. I am on the executive committee for Devon Association of Smallholders.
Location: Devon

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